Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind

Every heart’s a hurricane,

Each soul a starlit sea,

Every mind’s a meteor Unbound by gravity.

And everybody’s wishing

They could learn to tame their tides,

When nothing more than nature

Is what’s echoing inside.

- Erin Hanson

Each life has a purpose to fulfil. Nature is bountiful and unfolds little miracles that it treasures for us to appreciate.

Following our motto ' Service before self’, SEWAM - Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind, a DPS Faridabad initiativewas formed on August 18, 2015 with an aim to facilitate increased respect for all sentient lives as the team takes up issues like Compassionate Citizens, Environment Conservation and Animal Protection Programs to list a few.

A group of young activists, lovingly called SEWAKs collaborate under SEWAM to be the spokespersons for the rights of the underprivileged and the animals, basically giving voice to the voiceless.

As quoted by our young enthusiast, ‘Nature calls you’. Students organise plantation drives and periodic awareness campaigns throughout the year to bring about a positive change in the society. For instance,


DATE – January 20, 2023

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

                                                                                               – Mahatma Gandhi

The “Wall of Goodness” was inaugurated by Mr Anil Kumar, Principal, DPS Faridabad on the School Foundation Day that is July 10, 2017. The staff and the students collect food, clothes, books and distribute them to various NGOs, Animal shelters, old age homes, Orphanages, Flood and drought trodden areas from time to time.

Giving kindles to self-esteem brings happiness that stays forever. January 20, 2023 was one such day when the student representatives from Team SEWAM invited children from Prabhat NGO as a part of Project Raahat and shared with them the packages that contained food items, woollens, stationery, toys etc., all contributed and collected by the students during the drive organised by Team SEWAM, Delhi Public School, Faridabad in the month of December. 20 such cartons were sent to the Tender Hearts NGO as well. A small effort by the team to revive human values and an opportunity to remind us that ‘Joy of Giving’ is an event that celebrates humanity.

Tree Adoption

A greener planet is a better planet. Let’s do it together, let’s adopt a tree.

The drive aims at sensitising the students to contribute towards preserving the gifts of nature by adopting and looking after them.


DATE – November 29, 2022

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

                                                                                                    –   Martin Buber


Under Project Raahat, the lesser privileged section of the society that is disabled people and voice less animals are supplied with warm winter wear, cosy shelters so as to help them bear brunt of the harsh winter season.

SEWAM (Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind) gave it’s Sewaks a chance to adopt little pups, and gave them a chance to save animals from fear, distress, and death! Sewaks got to meet and acquaint with little pups and express their love by getting a chance to adopt them!


DATE – August 5, 2022

Raksha Bandhan is one such occasion that most soldiers miss celebrating with their brothers and sisters.

As an initiative taken by the Team SEWAM, the students of Delhi Public School, Faridabad sent Rakhis and gratitude notes to express love and affection towards the Soldiers/Jawans at borders. The students of classes VI-X took part in this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan with pure intent. Vice Principal, Ms Sangeeta Chakravarty blessed the students for their gracious contribution.


DATE – August 18, 2022
“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”  – AlbertEinstein

Delhi Public School, Faridabad celebrated 7 splendid years of SEWAM (Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind), with tremendous zeal. On this special occasion, it was an honour to have Mr Samarrth Khanna, school alumnus and the founding member of Team SEWAM, an independent environmental analyst, researcher & ecologist as the Chief Guest.

The programme commenced with the melodies of the choir, followed by the debut of SEWAM Anthem. To seek the blessings of the almighty, Principal, Mr Anil Kumar with Vice Principals and the Headmistress accompanied the chief guest to kindle the lamp. Principal, Mr Anil Kumar, addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of the team towards such selfless service to society. Ms Gauri Mendiratta, in charge of the SEWAM team presented glimpses of the remarkable projects taken up by the students so far and rejuvenated the memories of the past by showcasing the videos of the former members of Team SEWAM. There on, Mr Samarrth Khanna addressed the young minds by sharing his experiences, inspiring them to become the voice for the voiceless and to be a part of this young brigade. Ms Sangeeta Chakravarty, the Vice-Principal, appraised the chief guest for his driving observations and discoursed the young audience by inviting them to be the face of SEWAM. She urged the students to find solution to the problems of society and what they can accomplish in their little ways to unravel them. The event culminated with the awakening SEWAM Pledge endured by everyone, vowing to serve society, the environment, the animals and birds, and the nation as a whole.


DATE – September 14, 2022

“Conservation is a state of harmony between man and land”

– Aldo Leopold

   Sewaks of Team Sewam (Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind), a DPS, Faridabad initiative, gathered at Aravallis for a cause to protect the environment and biodiversity for future generations. Dr Rajendra Singh Rana, Waterman of India, along with Dr Indira Khurana, author of several books based on the importance of water and Haji Ibrahim Baghola, Environmentalist also joined the students to commemorate ‘Aravalli Day’ and were a part of this huge campaign, they motivated the students to vocalise their efforts in preserving the Aravallis.

To conserve and preserve the flora and fauna of Aravallis, more than 750 students from different schools across NCR came together and joined the campaign to celebrate ‘Aravalli Day’ to form a human chain against the backdrop of the Aravallis near Sector 55’s Sushant University on Tuesday to spread awareness about how the range acts as a barrier for the desert. The Sewaks painted their faces as different fauna species that dwell in Aravallis to bring attention to how threatened their home is. They also took the oath to save what is left of it with mining having wiped out 25% of the range and hugged trees in a symbolic ‘CHIPKO’ movement to save “what is left of India’s oldest mountain range to secure the future”.


DATE – September 4, 2022

The Symbolic Chipko Movement was organised in the Mini Forest of Sector 15, Faridabad. The SEWAKS of Delhi Public School, Faridabad and the residents of the locality were spotted hugging the trees and were gathered for the cause to prevent the forest from being cut down. News Channels like India News, Punjab Kesari and Voice of Faridabad covered the footage and probed the natives for their views and the reason for amassing. Our SEWAKs actively participated in the drive to save the ecosystem created by the future leaders of society.A group of 7 students and 2 teachers from Team SEWAM participated in the ‘Aravalli BachaoCitizens Movement’ on Wednesday, 14th September, 2022 to support a signature campaign demanding revision of the NCR Regional Draft Plan 2041.

The children visited the Ministry of Environmental, Forest and Climate Change and also met Mrs Shubhra Singh, Chief Resident Commissioner in Rajasthan Bhavan, Bikaner house in Delhi. It was a very productive meeting with her, being very pleased with the passion and perseverance of the children towards protection of the Aravallis. Mrs. Singh assured the children that she would convey their concerns to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

The students submitted petitions signed by over 1550 students and over 100 teachers at both the offices. Team SEWAM was further invited for a live interview with the NDTV 24 x 7 at their studio.

The SEWAKs namely, Ayanna Saraswat (VI), Aadya Chopra (VII), Ashima Sethi (VII), Dhwani Parashar (VII), Madhav Wadhwa (IX), Kshirja Solanki (VIII) and Kushagra Wadhwa (III) were contented having done their bit towards saving the Aravallis.