Competitive Exams

Briliant Performers

"The mind grows by what it feeds on". The school has been striving to train students and achieve excellence. In this pursuit of ours, the school is providing extra coaching classes to prepare students to excel in various competitive exams at State, National & International levels.
The students are provided with complete study material & assignments. The students of DPS Faridabad have always brought laurels to the school and distinguished themselves.

Achievements 2022-2023

  1. Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) 2022-2023: 5 students out of total 35 (VIII-XI) qualified and selected for IMOTC

            Amaan Khan (XI), Kanav Talwar (IX), Gunjan Aggarwal (XI), Archit Manas (X) and Aanya Mangla (X)

            Archit Manas will represent India in the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad to be held in Chiba, Japan from July 2-13, 2023

      2. Indian National Olympiad in Infomatics (INO 2022-2023: 2 students out of total 35 (VIII-XII) qualified and selected for IOITC

             Kanav Talwar (IX) and Archit Manas (X)

      3. American Mathematics Competitions (AMC10/12) 2022-2023: 6 students qualified

             Deveshi Sachdev (X), Gunjan Aggarwal (XI), Tanvi Aggarwal (X), Dhruv Garg (XI), Archit Manas (X), Kanav Talwar (IX)

      4. Aryabhatta Inter School Mathematics Competition 2022-2023. Team of Class VIII bagged Runner’s Up Trophy.

    • Kartikeya Batra of class VIII secured overall rank1.
    • Amaan Khan of Class XI secured overall rank 2.

      5. Aryabhatta Ganit Challenge-2023 conducted by CBSE

    • Anuvesha Singh (X) was awarded certificate for being in top 100 at National level.

      6. Indian Federation of Mathematical Games (IFOMG)

    • Anuvesha Singh (X) was part of the Indian delegation to the International finals of the 36th championship of International Mathematical and logical games held at Lausanne, Switzerland.